Contretemps’ Not Harassment

My first TRO was back in 2002 after Judge Ashrafi, Family Court Judge, Somerset County ordered full joint custody of our two small children, where both parents are PPRs, with no PAR.

In retaliation, the childrens’ mother made up a few creative stories about me threatening her with guns and such. It was correctly dismissed. My ex was less than convincing in court. I dont think she ever stopped to think about how wild her story would sound, and based on what?…epic fail.

I did spend the next 8 years watching the kids mother berate me to the children at every turn, and yes

periodically making claims of abuse.  We  had a wonderful therapist in place for the kids and they thrived nonetheless.

Well, when you least expect it….
Enter 2009. another TRO. This time just false claims of harrassment. Back to court, this time I dont need representation, this is old hat… wrong.
Judge Coleman, a civil court judge, not experienced in family court matters, granted her a  Final Retraining Order.

* 50 / 50 shared parenting and an FRO DONT mix!
* In NJ an FRO is indefinte
* Following the judges ruling, the “victim”  was  advised for her protection, to provide key community leaders with a copy for quick reference in the case of an incident .My ex followed this advice…teachers, clergy, family doctors, neighbors, even my barber. It was a humiliating experience.

I filed an appeal with Trenton and after over 12 months of  suffering ,  and inconveinince and stress fro my children, the FRO was reversed.

Bottom line. There was no proof , or even an attempt to prove that predicate acts of harrassment took place.

The following article was written up in the December 20th, 2010 edition of New Jersey Law Jounral.

There is justice after all.





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