Kid of Parental Alienation Syndrome – YouTube

Alienated children are far more likely to consider the words of a peer than an adult, especially as many of these children have learned not to trust a parent at an easrly age. More child sharing !


via Kid of Parental Alienation Syndrome – YouTube.


3 Responses to “Kid of Parental Alienation Syndrome – YouTube”

  1. Thanks for telling your story. As alienated parents, we often wonder if our children really miss us. We know all the literature says they do, but hearing it from an alienated child carries so much more weight.

    I’ve said it many times — alienated children are in an emotional bind, just doing what they believe they need to do in order to survive their horrible situations. Good luck with your book and thanks for helping others hopefully avoid what you’ve been through.


    mike jeffries
    Author, A Family’s Heartbreak: A Parent’s Introduction to Parental Alienation.


  2. Mike I so agree. Hearing the words from an adult that was alientated give me such hope. On very rare times I have had the chance to speak with my two granddaughters and the let me know they want to at least if nothing else come and spend time with us. You see the nothing else comes from they lived with us for 14 years. From the second of their birth and up until 2 and a half years ago. So I am sure if they had their way fully they would be home living in the home they grew up with, with the people they called MOM and DAD for all those years. I fight everyday to educate people on the harm these alienators are doing to our children of today. I have had meetings , made speeches , passed out information. Any thing I can do . But I have heard many videos and all are the same and it is the ONLY thing that keeps me going. THEY ALL WENT BACK HOME WITH THE PERSONS THEY WERE ALIENATED FROM. Thank you for this video and all the others who made videos they keep us going to fight for this abuse to STOP.


    • Thank you for your comment. I have seen the pain my childrens paternal grandparents are going through. They havent seen their grandson in two years. Prior to that they saw eachother 2x per week. This is a tough tough problem to fully understand and even tougher to convey to anyone , unless they have experienced it first hand.

      Best Regards,



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