Some very important advise for targeted parents


If you are an alienated parent your number one job is to keep yourself as strong, healthy and happy as possible. Why? For two reasons. First so that you can effectively fight for your child, and second because you deserve a good life yourself, alienated or not.

Your child needs you. He or she is being controlled by a sick person. Even if your child can’t connect with you now, the fact that you are there and can be counted on to be there matters and makes a difference. Your child needs you as an example of a happy, healthy, nice, sane person. The alienator can’t deceive your child forever. Your child may not even be fooled now, but cannot safely admit, even to him or herself,  that he/she does not agree with the the alienator. If you are depressed and made crazy you won’t be able to fight effectively, and your kids will…

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