11. Inadequate or destructive court orders, continued:

Different conditions prevail if your child is severely alienated.  When is your child “severely alienated” ? When your relationship has been disrupted to the point that interaction with you is either non-existent or close to non-existent, and unrelentingly negative and hostile. In this case, contact with the alienator must be stopped or strongly restricted for a period of time. You must ask for sole custody of your child, which would most likely constitute a reversal of custody, and for the alienator to have no unsupervised access with your child until your child’s relationship with you is repaired. Ideally a qualified third party (parenting coordinator, psychologist, maybe the judge) would monitor this. Access for the alienator would increase conditionally, contingent upon the child’s relationship with you remaining solid and supported.  Not easy. Obviously, this is an extreme remedy, and most judges will be…

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