Chrissy Chrzanowski – Adult Story of Parental Alienation

Here is another adult child of Parental Alienation telling her story.

I continue to believe that  young adults like Chrissie  can have a major influence on the young children dealing (not) with PA today. Kids dont want to hear it from their parents, or grandparents , or therapists.  

Their closer peers are the best hope  we have of shortening their alienation,

their anger, their pain, and their guilt.


4 Responses to “Chrissy Chrzanowski – Adult Story of Parental Alienation”

  1. Reblogged this on iklaasndaddy and commented:
    FOR GOD’s SAKE…. AMEN !!


  2. I too am going through this absolute horrific situation with the Mom perspective and the targeted parent. Anyone who would like to connect, please feel free to contact me.



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    […] need more people like  Chrissy Chrzanowski and “Kid of […]


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