Shared Psychotic Disorder

Over the past 15 years, my ex-spouse has falsely accused me of verbal abuse, physical abuse and sexual abuse and other acts of domestic violence.  While I understand it has been part of her mission towards alienating me from my children, with each tear jerking “performance” she  makes to the Court for the protection from a danger Dad, I ask myself the same question again and again…Could she possibly believe in her claims of abuse?

For 15 years I enjoyed a loving relationship with my son, then almost overnight he joined his mother in her opinions. Now he fears me, thinks Ive abused him, thinks I stalk him and is paranoid that I want to put him in a mental institution.  Every claim seems borrowed from claims made by his mother. So, this is just a kid with Parental alienation syndrome?

But wait. maybe not so simple.

In cases of PAS, the parent is making stuff up, but the kid actually beleives it.

What if the parent is delusional and pulls the child with them to share in their disorder?

Is it still PAS, or a folie a deux?

And most important, how does  treatment of the two differ depending on the diagnosis?

I know little about  the shared psychotic disorder, folie a deux, but I pass along this link which covers  the basics…

Shared Psychotic Disorder.


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