Lawless America…The Movie is exposing Judicial Corruption

Lawless America…The Movie is exposing Judicial Corruption and Government Corruption in an effort to Save America.


One Response to “Lawless America…The Movie is exposing Judicial Corruption”

    October 12 th 2012

    Constitutional Rights in N.J ?
    Think Again!
    State of affairs & general consensus is that most if not all of NJ courts are failing.
    They are failing our children, they are failing our justice, they are even failing our most basic human
    rights, our Constitutional Rights.
    Letters seeking a Call To Action, have been passed all over the state. But not even one. That’s right you
    read it right… not even One leader was willing to step up to the plate & take some accountability or
    take any positive actions. Whatsoever.
    Apparently Judges, prosecutors and the like have the ability to play God. This seems to be okay &
    perfectly acceptable to them and to their peers.
    When exactly did our Judicial system get so drunk with power? I mean really.
    At what point do they lay their heads down on their pillow each night & tell themselves today another
    child was kidnapped, stolen from their lives, from the family that they love. But I am okay with that..
    Because it is not my family.
    We have council upon council, committee upon committee. Millions of dollars (our dollars)are allotted
    each year for this very purpose. Yet not One , will do the right thing?
    Under the First , Ninth & Fourteenth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution.
    People are granted the God given rights to Freedoms of speech, life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness.
    Ocean County Officials are taking these rights away. In failing to enforce the parental rights.
    Also by failing to objectively review the financial facts comparatively. When one parent is
    economically challenged & the other maintains a six figure income. This is a direct bias &
    discrimination. Attributed to the actions of Ocean County, & other N.J. officials.
    Deprivation of rights by Ocean County officials are biased in the fact that one is economically
    challenged , due to physical disability. This is a deprivation of just relief & failure to protect.
    Not to mention a minimum sustenance for survival. Current NJ Law dictates , that Parents also have the
    right to maintain relationships with their child. By “failing to protect” you have allowed crimes.
    We the victims of crime & deserve to be treated as such. It’s no different had it been a rape or a beating.
    In essence it is exactly the same.
    How many more rights do you think will be trampled on before the everyday average citizen gets
    outraged? My guess is not many. People are tired of this & I believe ready , willing and able to stand up
    for their rights. To do whatever its going to take to restore the balance of power.
    Back to the people, where it belongs. Something tells me that come election time, a new party will
    emerge & the people will listen & be heard.
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    Other violations include the failure to investigate, the criminal acts that another is/has been
    committing. Specifically : (N.J.S.A. 2C:13-1b(1) to (3).
    Also failure to perform internal investigations, within the Ocean County Prosecutors Office.
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