Never Give Up?

So difficult to allow yourself to have these feelings let alone verbalize them. We cannot control our feelings but what we do with them is a decision.
I applaud this post for its genuineness and clarity

Journey Through Alienation

There’s something I’ve been trying to write about for a while now, but have found very difficult to put into the right words. What I want to say is that sometimes, maybe it is okay to give up.  In fact sometimes it is therightthing to do.

Perhaps I’ve been finding it difficult to write about because it just sounds wrong (read ‘socially wrong’) when it’s put out there like that.  More likely, it is because saying that opens myself up to the immediate rebuttal of “but if you love your child you will never give up!”  And that it triggers the immediate claims from the alienating parent that “clearly there is no parental alienation – she abandoned her child” because she’s no longer fighting (a losing battle) for access.

Yup, all that makes it really hard to actually give up the fight.  But I really believe that…

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