Münchausen by Proxy Syndrome & the Obesessed Alienator

Münchausen by Proxy is a  form of child abuse,  whereby a parent  deliberately attempts to get her own child sick via falsified physical, physiological, and/or mental symptoms.
This is done through exaggeration of symptoms, actual inducement of symptoms, or an outright lie about symptoms.

My two children are teenagers now. Throughout their childhood it seemed I was constantly navigating them through over concern of minor illnesses.
I witnessed their mother make up ( lie) or exaggerate illnesses ranging from chronic incontinence to constipation encopresis,  from asthma to anorexia.
With every new chapter of parental alienation she scripted,  came a timely new illness to incorporate into her disingenuous pleas to the Court about how
the children needed her special mothering skills and and how Dad wasn’t up to the task.

There appear to be several levels or forms of Munchausen Syndrome, and dealing with parental alienation has taught me that things are rarely black or white.
I try to steer clear of using labels like “classic” or “textbook case” , instead step back and consider the gray areas.
I’ve long viewed my ex-wifes  behavior to be just another tactic, a very conscious fictitious effort on her part. It appears to exist only to serve the alienation.
I may be naive here, but I do not think she is capable of inflicting physical harm to our children in this fashion, and so I am interested in researching articles
that discuss cases where Munchausen by Proxy finds its motivation solely from the desires of an obsessed alienator, and perhaps necessarily by definition,
the abuse is restricted to the fictitious behavior.

See this link for an overview

Münchausen by Proxy Syndrome 101 | Brainwashing Children.


2 Responses to “Münchausen by Proxy Syndrome & the Obesessed Alienator”

  1. Is it considered to fall into MSBP, if a mother deliberately withholds prescription medication from her child, knowing he will and has gotten sick without it? Our son has asthma and animal allergies, she has withheld his allergy medication and has gone from 2 dogs to 5 dogs, knowing he is allergic to these animals and that these animals have caused him to get allergic rhinitis and bronchitis due to her not giving our son his doctor prescribed medications.


    • My suggestion is for you to consult with a third party professional – a family therapist if you have one. Maybe ask your childs pediatrician to get involved, That may be more effective in helping your son and also gets you off the hot seat.
      Peace, Paul


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