Children’s Input in Custody Decisions

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DVD for Kids and Parents to Prevent and Overcome Alienation

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Should Children Have a Say About Custody?

Involving Children in Custody

Dr. Warshak’s DVD: Benefits and Hazards of Involving Children in Custody Decisions

Voice, But No Choice:
Children’s Input in Custody Decisions
Children’s perspectives can enlighten decisions regarding custody and parenting plans, but different opinions exist about how best to involve children in the decision-making process.

This journal article + DVD, offered as a bundle for the first time and with free shipping and handling only for Building Family Bridges community members, discusses why many procedures for soliciting children’s preferences do not reliably elicit information about their best interests and give children no meaningful voice in decision-making. Instead these procedures give children forums in which to takes sides in their parents’ disputes.

The DVD presents more than a dozen hazards that should be considered before eliciting and placing weight on children’s and adolescent’s stated preferences in custody disputes. I highlight the harm for the family when a child publically takes a stand against a parent and I illustrate the manner in which therapists can involve children without placing them in the middle of their parents’ conflicts.

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This bundle will not be available on my website for several weeks (although the individual items are), and when the bundle is added to the catalog, normal S&H will be added to the shopping cart. For a limited time only, you can purchase the DVD+article with free shipping by clicking on the PayPal link below. (The total charge for the two items is $19.50. You can read more detailed descriptions of each item by clicking on the item photos above. The free shipping offer expires soon.)

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