Time Goes “Bye”



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2 Responses to “Time Goes “Bye””

  1. This is so very sad for you as well as it is for me as grandmother. There isn’t a day that goes by
    that I don’t think of them and wonder how they are, who they are, do they even think of me at all,
    do they care? Do they remember all the loving and caring that began the day they were born?
    As the years go by , I pray daily that I will see them again. I’ve lost their growing up for three years,
    and don’t know if I will ever know them again as my grandchildren.


    • I know… and I am sorry you have suffered through this along with me. We have lost having 2 people in our lives but the greater loss is theirs by far. Their lives no longer enriched by the loving relationships they once shared with family and friends.
      We are blessed however, to have some wonderful people in our lives and for that , I am so grateful


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