Whatever You Need

I should have learned enough by now to never underestimate  the devestating  effects an Obsessed Alienator can have on children, but I have not. 
I should understand clearly at this point  how the children with whom I onced shared a loving relationship,
have become completely estranged from their father and family, but I do not.  
  I feel I have failed as a parent and I am  disappointed that 15 years of  loving and nuturing  parenting  failed to create a bond strong enough to withstand attack. 
My childrens behavior is disrespectful and hurtfull far beyond what I ever thought possible.
This sometimes makes it easy to forget that the distant image I have of their daily lives, the impression that they are happy and carefree, 
is not their reality.  
Apparant or not, they too are hurting.  
It was never their wish  to become  so filled with hate, so heartless. This  was put upon them.
 They are not my enemy, they are victims.  Victims of child abuse.  
And so,  no matter what they say, or dont say.. no matter they do,  
like the prodical child, my door will remain wide open.
I will not withdraw my support and love one bit, and whatever they need,  
I will be right here,  waiting.

Music Video by Tina Turner

via Tina Turner Whatever You Need – YouTube.


2 Responses to “Whatever You Need”

  1. I wish that I had a suggestion or plan that could change the system that could do this to a good parent. I am sure that others either feel helpless or even wonder what a parent did that was so bad since the system which is supposed to help children cannot understand the problem, nor can it even try to see if another truth exists. as a professional that had dealings with the system (courts, professionals and state agencies), i can understand how one parent can create a “story” that everyone gradually believes. the children suffer since they are “brainwashed” by the system, thereby-losing the maligned parent.


  2. There are no words to express my feelings. You are always in our prayers. With the help of our Lord someday those kids will be back and will realize all the time they have wasted without you in their lives.


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