~ Questions About A Formerly Alienated Teen~


One Response to “~ Questions About A Formerly Alienated Teen~”

  1. Dear Heather,

    Your video is awesome and powerful. PlEASE, PLEASE, keep telling the world your story. Alienated children have the MOST power to make change in this horrible situation. Your dad had problems. He was just like my ex-husband. I was the target for his aggression first, then it moved to the kids. The only way they could cope was to bury their love for me. It remains buried. If the courts would have been fair and just, you and my kids would have come first, not the abuser. I am a targeted mom, (targetedmom@gmail.com). my daughter is 19 and will not see me anymore, my son is 17 and struggles. They both have severe issues, as do I. At first, I could only think about my loss and I greived everyday. I didn’t see my son for 3 years. My daughter was passive aggressive. Neither the police nor the courts would do anything. I fought everyday for 4 years. I lost everyday for 4 years, Alexis and Scotty are still lost. Alienation is domestic abuse, child abuse, and mental illness. No parent could take the other parent away from their child, unless something was wrong I was unprepared for how corrupt and cruel law officers and courts can be, that they can and do this to children everyday. I need to read part 2.

    I am an instructional designer. If you want to shorten your video so it can be more widely shared, I’d be happy to give you my thoughts from the perspective of alienated parents and audiences in general. You can use my email. I don’t get out on facebook as much as I use to.

    You are on your way to making a huge difference in the WORLD, Heather. Please stay in touch.

    P.S. I made a video for my son, and the court said I was wrong to do that, and punished me for it.



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